About TNS

Our Human Resource Initiatives are dedicated to overall development, property and satisfaction of our employees. We have implemented a well planned HR policy which has following points:

The Human Resources Policy of TNS Group is incepted as per enumerations below:-

  • It is not just the human capital but the values cherished by every member of the TNS family that translate into the success of our company.

  • Having the right person for the right job whilst prioritizing customer needs by providing premier product quality and prompt services.

  • Every member of the TNS Family exacts an unwavering emphasis on commitment, discipline, empowerment, integrity, mutual trust, respect, punctuality, teamwork and synergy which enables us to achieve our set goals envisaged in our mission and vision.

  • Strongly advocating clear, crisp, frank and lucid oral and written communication amongst each and every member of the organization.

  • Every member of the TNS Family works in a disciplined and systematic working environment with well defined responsibilities and accountabilities.

  • Training all its employees for high performance and developing them to their utmost potential.

  • Achieving professional growth of an individual through objective evaluation of performance.

  • Cost effectiveness by optimum utilization of resources.

  • Being a responsible and good corporate citizen.



Above all the company passionately believes in these fundamentals and works towards introducing and upgrading its organizational and motivational tools to enhance innovation, creativity and performance.


TNS Group considers their employees valuable and productive asset as well as gives enough weight to overall human potential thus the company is always aimed at accelerating the efficiency of its employees in respect of profit of both its employees and company. We focused on enhancing the skills and personality of our people for their quality of life, maintaining transparency & equality in order to increase the regularity dedication towards the company,

At TNS, young talents are easily identified and forwarded toward innovation and sharpening their current skills and as well as giving them with immense opportunity of growth. We just want to see our employees are satisfied not only with us but in their lives too.

Besides this, TNS also provide chances of mentoring and coaching to their employees about national and international culture, place and job.