Online UPS

TNS Engineering Ltd is one of the Leading Online UPS suppliers in Bangladesh, which working since 2007; The Company has already achieved the trust of the customers for their instantaneous service, efficiency, innovation and superior quality of their products Online UPS using for Computers, Network services (Server), work station (IT), Wireless telecommunication, Medical diagnostic Lab equipments, Industrial machineries, Printing machineries, CNG station etc In an online UPS, the batteries are always connected to the inverter, so that no power transfer switches are necessary. When power loss occurs, the rectifier simply drops out of the circuit and the batteries keep the power steady and unchanged. When power is restored, the rectifier resumes carrying most of the load and begins charging the batteries, though the charging current may be limited to prevent the high-power rectifier from overheating the batteries and boiling off the electrolyte. The main advantage of an on-line UPS is its ability to provide an "electrical firewall" between the incoming utility power and sensitive electronic equipment. The online UPS is ideal for environments where electrical isolation is necessary or for equipment that is very sensitive to power fluctuations. Although it was at one time reserved for very large installations

1-1 Series Online UPS (6-10kVA)

Key FeaturesTechnical DataDownloads High performance and reliability Online double conversion PFC rectifier technology SPWM inverter control technology High input power factor: 0.99 Output power factor: 0.8 /0.9 Wide input voltage range: ± 25% Input frequency range: ±10 % settable Full protection function & Automatic bypass Intelligent communication port ECO&EPO function Advanced communications Configurable communication interface…


3-3 Series Online UPS (200-600kVA)

Key FeaturesTechnical DataDownloads Reliable Design The output isolation transformer provides high reliability to adapt different harsh industrial environments and protects the critical loads 100% 3-phase unbalance load adapt to different kinds of complex applications Dual air ducts design offer good cooling to protect the key components and extend the service life Dual power supply redundancy…