Offline 650VA to 2000VA


  • Advanced digital control technology
  • Comprehensive equipment protection function
  • Flexible and practical cold start function


  • Stable operation without noise
  • Green idea environment design
  • Wide voltage range for intellectual regulation (Smart AVR)


  • Small size, easy operation
  • Intelligent and use-friendly power management (optional)

Item UPS 650VA-2000VA
Input/ Output wiring L+N+PE
Input Voltage UPS650/UPS1200/UPS1500/UPS2000/ 140~280Vac
Input Frequency 50/60±10%Hz
Output Voltage 220/230 ±10% Vac (Battery mode)
Output Frequency Synchronizing with input AC while it is normal, and 50/60±0.5%Hz on battery mode
Transfer Time Typical 6ms, including detection time and switching time (Synchronous switch-over)
Waveform Square wave / Pure sine wave (Option-2)
Battery Voltage UPS 650 VA12Vdc
UPS1200: 24Vdc
UPS1500/UPS2000: 24/48Vdc
Max. Charging Current UPS 650/1200VA/1500VA/ 2000 VA : 1A (Short backup)
UPS 650/1200VA/1500VA/ 2000 VA : 6-8A (Long backup)
Display LED indicators show status of AC input, inverter, low battery and overload
RS 232 (USB, SNMP adaptor are optional)

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